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Under African Skies:

Immerse yourself in Africa's colourful palette. Cultures and inspiration merge as Barb illustrates the influence of ancient African designs on American quilting.


(Click Image or Quilt Title for Description and Pricing)

  Collage Quilt - African Theme -

Jungle Patchwork

  Art Quilt - African Theme -

Market Day

  Ohio Star Quilt -

Children of the Stars

  Art Quilt - Portraits -

Wodaabee Courtship



  Collage Art Quilt -

Runway Colours

  Collage Art Quilt -


  Art Quilt - African theme -

The Sumbu Thicket

  Art Quilt -

Royal Visitor



      Appliquéd Landscape Quilt -

Elephant Walk

  Art Quilt -

Kabinda's Journey

  Large Art Quilt -

Sun Up to Sun Down



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